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Amity -

It's kind of strange the way you change.

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Formerly lostepiphany_

20 year old communications student floating between Toronto and Ottawa. I spend too much time doting on the past. Want to know anything else? Ask. My journal is friends only. If you want to be my friend, comment here, give me a reason to add you, and i most likely will. <3

If you are using one of my layouts or a variation thereof, please make sure you are crediting me in your userinfo by providing a link to me. Don't ask for me to add you if you are hotlinking and/or not crediting me for your layout. If you are here for layout help, redirect yourself to a layout community. This is my personal journal, and questions regarding layouts will be ignored/deleted.

Want a custom layout? I charge an average of 5$. This includes coding, image editing, and an icon (if im in a good mood!). Refer to this post if you are interested!

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